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These are the three kinds of blogs I will write, and will post a new one of each type every week, sometimes more, if I happen to become extra-inspired. These are links to the archives of each type of blog I have written and will continue to write.


Featured Blog Archives Go to Featured Blog Archives

In the early stages of dreaming up this site, these weren't called 'Feature' Blogs--they were just Blogs. As time went on and the site evolved in my head, I realized that I had a few different kinds of blogs (below). Feature Blogs are basically whatever kind of thought or topic about mental illness popped into my head, and I got my ass in my chair in front of my computer and just wrote it. Because I just wrote these when I thought of them, there is some repeating of thoughts, but that's why these are blogs and not chapters in a book I'm not qualified to write and a book that shouldn't ever be sold--no one person can possibly give you your money's worth for a book about recovery from Mental Illness... but that's just my opinion. Also, there will be a point where I take on some other contributors who will write Feature Blogs. Want to be a contributor? Click here.


Quote Blogs: Go to Quote Archives

I read a lot and have compiled a ton of quotes that I believe are related to Mental Illness. These blogs are made up of various quotes I've come across and my thoughts about them.


Metaphor Blogs: Go to Metaphor Archives

I ordered a book based on its title and nothing else (I could have saved myself a lot of money if I read the descriptions of books I buy). The book is called: PEP TALKS, WARNING & SCREEDS: Indispensable Wisdom and Cautionary Advice for Writers (written by George Singleton). When I opened it, I realized it was made up of nothing but anecdotes and metaphors, which was disappointing. But as I read through it, it occurred to me that alot of Singleton's metaphors could easily be interpreted to apply to mental illness. The books have given me countless metaphors to analyze.


User Blogs: Go to user-blog Archives

As I went through the process of building this site, I kept thinking of new features that would make this site better... it's not all about me, awesome as I am. I thought it might be cool to let anyone with a user profile create their own ongoing blogs. The user blog archive is automatically updated when any user creates their own blog. Furthermore, if somebody reads a user blog and likes reading what another user writes, they can "follow" the user and have all the blogs written by users they follow show up in their user profile. If you think you can blog better than me, go right ahead. If you think I'm an idiot who should be sequestered for my destructive influence in the lives of all who visit this site, well then follow other users. I won't hold it against you.




















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