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Stay Human

Written By: Michael Franti
From: Stay Human

Starvation is the creation of the devil, a rebel I'm bringin' food to the people like a widow Bringin' flowers to a grave in the middle Of the city isolation is a riddle To be surrounded by a million other people But to feel alone like a tree in a desert Dried up like the skin of a lizard But full of colour like the spots of a leopard Drum and bass pull me in like a shepherd Scratch my itch like a needle on a record Full of life like a man gone to Mecca Sky high like an eagle up soaring I speak low but I'm like a lion roaring Baritone like a Robeson recordin' I'm givin' thanks for bein' human every morning

[Chorus] Because the streets are alive with the sound of Boom Bap Can I hear it once again Boom Bap tell your neighbour tell afriend Every box gotta right to be bomin' Because the streets are alive with the sound of Boom Bap Can I hear it once again Boom Bap tell your neighbour tell a friend Every flower got a right to be boomin'

Be resistant The negativity we keep it at a distance Call for backup and I'll give you some assistance Like a lifesaver deep in the ocean Stay afloat here upon the funky motion Rock and roll upon the waves of the season Hold your breath and your underwater breathin'

To be rhymin' without a real reason Is to claim but not to practice a religon If television is the drug of the nation Satellite is immaculate reception Beaming in they can look and they can listen So you see don't believe in the system To legalize you or give you your freedom You want rights ask em', they'll read em' But every flower got a right to be bloomin' Stay human


All the freaky people make the beauty of the world

You see Y2K ya know is a moment In time we find that we can open Up a heart that's locked or been broken By the pain of words not spoken Or shot by guns a still smokin' Cartwrights out on the Ponderosa Or drive by bang in Testarossa We need to heed the words of Dalai Lama Or at least the words of yo mama Take a mental trip to the Bahamas Steam your body in a stereo sauna, sauna, comma


Think this is about people with mental illness who make the world a better place with their uniqueness.

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