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Who are you?
I use the term "patient" for someone with Mental Illness
What Mental Illness?
If you are not a patient but are close to one, what is their Illness?
General information about you. You may want to fill out the fields below and then mention things here that don't apply to the fields below.
How long has Mental Illness affected your life?
and/or the life of someone close to you.
How long have you (or one close to you) been diagnosed with Mental Illness.
Describe the stage you feel you are at in the recovery process (e.g. struggling --> Recovered):
How has the Illness affected your family? How are things with your family?
Describe your social life (or lack thereof--don't feel embarrassed: I have next to no social life):
Are you in School? Highschool? College? Has it been put on hold?
Do you have a job? Did you have a job before Mental Illness? What kind of job do you have or want?
What's you're wildest dream in life (for instance: EGOT-ing (Winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar AND Tony Awards.)
More realistically, what is your aspiration in life (attainable but takes a great amount of time, effort and maybe some luck:
Setting Goals is important. What would be some Goals you have set for yourself? Short term and/or Long term.
What's you're passion? If it were up to you and it was a perfect goal, What would you do with your time and life. (Me? Storytelling--in any way shape or form.)
What are your hobbies? Having hobbies is important. If you have none (which would make me feel sorry for you) what would you like to take on as a hobby.
What is the highlight of your day? Week? Month? Year?
What would you say is the best thing about your life right now?
(If you have trouble answering that, don't skip this. Stop andreally think about it. I'm sure you can come up with something, even if its not much.)
What's the worst thing about your life right now?
Favorite Music?
Favorite Movies?
Favorite TV Shows?

Are you interested in having a "pen pal" (I hate that word. If you have a better word please let me know): Yes, I'd like to write back and forth with someone
What kind of person do you think would make a good (cringe) "pen-pal":
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