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OK, I'll tell it like it is: in my blogs, I repeat myself from time to time. But one of the things that I stress on multiple blogs is the concept of 'Little Victories.'

As I say all over this site: this isn't a page that needs contributions from struggling, fragile, not-yet-recovered people--although if those people can contribute to this page, they should feel really good about themselves because the concept of looking for and recognizing little victories means you're on the right track--without question.

The people this page really needs are the ones who are at the stage in their recovery where the world is not bleak, where you are not alone, when you believe you're getting your life back in order and where you feel like you can help others who aren't at the stage you are.

I need you guys to create the biggest list you can of the little things that happen during your days that make you feel good about yourself--in any way. And I cannot stress this enough:

No little victory is too little to be posted on this page. That's a fact, so don't hold back.

Your contributions are so important because they will show someone who is really struggling what to look for in their lives, and/or what they already have in their lives that they aren't valuing as much as they should.

Additionally, in the movie 'Any Given Sunday', Al Pacino, playing a football coach, made an incredible speech to his team during half-time. I highly encourage you to head on over to youtube and do a search for 'Pacino game of inches.' But come back when you're done (or don't, whatever... but I'll tell you right now, youtube is addicting as all hell, so be careful...)

I'll end this here because you get enough rambling and ranting from my blogs, so I'll spare you that here.

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