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If you are the one with the Illness, just write some general information about you. If the person with the illness is someone else, I recommend writing some information about yourself and then some information about the person with the illness. If you are a friend or family member, start off by typing the patient's gender and age on its own line.
How would you describe your family life? The impact Mental Illness has had on it? Is the family supportive? Educated about Mental Illness? Understanding? Always there for you?
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If you're not the person with the Illness, the below fields are pretty much irrelevant. Obviously, you can't read minds, but I encourage you to try filling out whatever you can below about the person you know with the illness. The idea is to give other friend/family member users a sense of the person you know with the illness, so they can relate better to your situation. Ideally, it could lead to exchanges of emails or private messages with each other, upon discovering you both are dealing with a similar kind of person.
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nothing is too small. An example of one of mine: not being depressed. That counts.

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User-to-User Correspondence
The name "My Minds Not Right" came from a poem by Robert Lowell who spent a lot of time in and out of mental asylums. For one of my poetry courses, we had to read from a giant book of letters that Lowell sent back and forth to people. A lot of those letters were about his Mental Illness. There were also quite a few people he wrote to that also had mental illness. You could tell that the letter writing really meant alot and helped the people who wrote and received the letters. That's how I came up with this idea for the site.

The idea behind U2U is that a user can either sift through user blogs or randomly click on users and read their profiles and send them private messages to discuss potentially similar cases of Mental Illness. The fields below are in place to make that easier. If you choose 'yes' you will be added to a list of users who are open to the idea of U2U... think of it as a classifieds add or something. Instead of randomly reading profiles, users can go to "Find Users" (on the side bar) and narrow down the list to find people more like them.
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