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I'm not intent on making sure I'm the only one in the spotlight, when it comes to what is posted on the front page.

If you would like to have youir blogs on the front page of the site, contact me. Before you do, though, create a user account and then create a user blog. Once you have made five posts (even if you wrote and posted all five in one day) and have emailed me, requesting to be a contributor, I am more than willing to consider anyone. I am not the only one who will make the decision of whether or not you will be featured on the front page--I'll discuss your blogs with some trusted people and get back to you.

It sucks to have to be in the position where I might have to say no, but it's not because of my ego--it's because when new people discover the website, a large percentage of them will judge the site based on what they see on the front page. However, when the site begins to grow, I plan on having a section of the front page where I will feature user blogs, and requesting to be an admin/contributor automatically gets one of your user blogs featured on the front page, regardless of

Being an admin/contributor also comes with the responsibility of helping me monitor the site and making sure that no posts made by some loser who feels the need to criticize others and be hurtful last very long on the site.

As of now, I'm very interested in accepting admin/cotnributors who are in their thirties and older with a mental illness, contributors who don't have the illness but are close to someone who does, or a combination of both.
















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