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Seven Things I've Learned so Far post your seven things

I subscribe to a literary agents blog. One of the recurring columns is called (you guessed it) "Seven Things I've Learned So Far." The idea for this part of the site is the same as that blog's--the agents blog column isn't just for published writers--it's for writers at any stage in their development, so the same concept applies here--you don't need to have recovered... mental illness may have popped into your life a week ago and you could still come up with seven things.

The responses for each field below don't have to be very long at all--there's other places on this site to write something of substantial length (such as starting your own blog). Think about when Mental Illness first came into your life--when the symptoms showed up, when you were diagnosed, when you recognized there was something not quite right about your son or daughter, etc. Now think about where you are now. What do you know now you didn't know then?




  date posted:
mikew's Seven Things 8/21/10







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