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A Little Fresh Air
track: 13 album: My Minds Not Right
had no idea how low i could sink

and I was destroying my reputation

if I was hammered I'd continue to drink

and drown my sorrows and desperation

I've defined and personified

the essence of reckless abandon

everyone I knew could identify

that i'd lost it and let it happen

they said mike you're falling apart

it went in one ear and out the other

I wouldn't take any of it to heart

the haze bound my body and soul together

and with every little step I took

and with each of all my wrong turns

I wish I would have understood

what I was getting into first

it was such an epic meltdown

I was pouring salt into my wounds

I wasn't sure that I could rebound

as this shell broken and bruised

and in life there are no guaruntees

I learned that lesson far too soon

nothing I cherished I got for free

those are the kinds of things you can't ever lose

it was no way to live

but I know that now

I let too much in

I wish I could get out

I know what I did

I can't change that now

but I got rid

of what kept me on the ground

and it's been such a

huge burden to bear

i think i just need

i think i Just nee a little fresh air

whoever I was I no longer am

I picked up a disregard for life

all the good in me was forsaken

who I used to be was left behind

it caught up with me I was devasted

it nearly killed me in my prime

I lost the promise I'd demonstrated

in such a short damn span of time

and all at once my life collapsed

and now I know one thing for sure

you can't go back to the past

to try to save your future

and these days I live inside my head

cause I don't much else to do

there's not much else that can be said

there's not much else I've got left to prove

I had my eyes shut and my fingers crossed

and I abandoned all I intended to do

but I've seen how much others have lost

I'm ok I'm one of the lucky few

to survive you need a strong will

you can't let your guilt make things worse

could have picked up myself still

I had to stop and cry a little bit first

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