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Years Ago
track: 5 album: My Minds Not Right
i had my shot I had my chance

but then I fell apart way too fast

had it all together although didn't last

but now that's all in the past

there's broken ties I've got to mend

they tried to help but I pushed away them

got high all night and slept all day

I know I wasn't raised to be that way

now I'm a better guy and that's no accident

give all the credit to my parents

lost my way but the bottom line

is they saved my life countless times

hit rock bottom and kept on falling

heard mom in the distance balling

turned off my phone dad kept calling

to get me out but I kept stalling

i woke up from a dream in a cold sweat

wondering if I'm in heaven or hell yet

I sleep all day yet I get no rest

this isn't a life that I can accept

cut off my nose to spite my face

wasn't in my right mind or the right place

I railed my pills and my mind raced

but I couldn't keep living at that pace

thought all those years were one big joy ride

thought that would be thes tory of my life

didn't know reality and my insane mind

were on a crash course and about to collide

so live for the best

and forget the worst

you cn still be blessed

even if you feel cursed

take a second and rest

but don't go in reverse

take a few small steps

keep moving forwards

cause I know you got a locked up soul

so I'll send you hope and a place to go

when you're feeling low just let me know

cause I got your back man I was you

years ago

words can't express how much I've changed

been through more than I thought I could take

and I blocked out the voices I used to obey

forgot the awful things they would say

but my old thoughts still haunt me today

along with the memories I can't shake

didn't know how much I had at stake

so what was I thinking I was thinking this way

the sky's gonna open so I'll shut my blinds

I live well where the sun don't shine

but when it got too dark I was barely alive

I used to joke but became a punch line

but I don't give up I'm not that guy

searching for something he'll never find

the type who lets himself be defined

by a broken heart and a shattered mind

I fall down get back up and never let myself whine

people have problems much bigger than mine

would've been so easy to take a dive

and curse the religion that I denied

so yeah these years have not been kind

it was hard at first it took some time

to learn how to walk this fine line

and not let my life pass me by

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