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My Minds Not Right
track: 6 album: My Minds Not Right
seems like we all know someone

who just fell off the deep end

we've all seen them go from

bent to broke then just to beaten

i know the way my mind works

has been a blessing and a curse

did my best to find the words

but when I said them no one heard

I was only lying to myself

the guy I'd become was not me

i smiled and laughed but hurt like he ll had tons of friends but no self esteem

seems like the more I learn

the more ignorant I become

never stopped to think things over

can't believe all the shit I've done

a life can lead anyone astray

beat you down, test your faith

it may be such a beautiful day

but I stay in bed and sleep in late

cause now this empty void feels like home

I messed up myself on my own

my whole life had to be postponed

I've become someone I don't even know

so no matter where I am I'm alone

and when I speak all I hear is an echo

there's sides of me I'd love to show

but every chance I've had I've blown

I've never made many enemies

never made many true allies

so I did what the voices told me

it's a miracle that i'm still alive

i learned if I give up all I've got

I'll finally see all that I have

learned if I give up who I was

I'll realize who I really am

so in lieu of conversation

I'll write you these songs

I'll lay down the foundation

so you got something to build upon

I've been cold and I've been sick

and I've been scarred and I've been lonely

but now that my skin is thick

I don't let my emotions own me

too many of my problems were caused

by too many of my biggest gifts

couldn't help it I exposed my flaws

I tell myself I'll be better off for it

hated who I was and that hurt the most

I got so lost thought there was no hope

my best words never left my throat

nor were they in anything I wrote

and I could lie to mom I'm good with words

but I should've listened to hers

smoked my life into a blur

never saw things as they really were

did all that pot it wasn't ever enough

it put my whole life out of focus

left me with this mess to clean up

and now I've gotta win back everyone's trust

been sad and happy up and dwon

own day I got my life figured out

and one day I'm consumed with doubt

I"m always better or worse than I sound

I only see things through my minds eye

I lack to true vision I've lost my sight

but I'm doing ok and all in spite

of living a life where my minds not right

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