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One Man
track: 11 album: My Minds Not Right
can't say I can tell you what you need to do

i barely even know how I pulled myself through

we all thought it was just the substancde abuse

but it wasn't the pot the pills or the booze

the voices in my head tried to make my mind burst

I said "ok you're in my head now end this curse"

they all luaghed and they said "no that's not how this works

we're not going anywhere till we break you first " even if I could lift a truck over my head

I still wasn't strong enough to get out of bed

I spat out all the advice I'd been fed

it all left me holding on for my life by a thread

only really ahve myself to blame

cause I was on fire and fanning the flame

I was all out of options so I tried to pray

I waited and waited but nothing ever changed

cause alot of time passed and god never came

didn't need him before but I'm not the same

and no matter what I do and no matter what I say

nothing good can ever come from living that way

he said

one man's heaven is another man's hell

and one man's mountain is another man's hill

and one man's mansion is another man's cell

and one man's hunger is another man's fill

and one man's sickness is another man's health

and one man's poverty is another man's wealth

and one man buys what another man sells

one man loves life one man hates himself

I pushed and I pushed like I couldn't break

but now that I'm broken it's too much to take

and with all I've lost and how little I've gained

it's all been poured out and now I"m totally drained

and I tried my best to scream but nothing came out

but i heard it in my head and it was so damn loud

now all i can do is whisper but i need to shout

I don't know where I am must have taken the wrong route

so here I am in this cold abandoned town

I"m lost and I wander as my problems compound

as I walk for miles on this frozen ground

if I wasn't sure this was hell now I have no doubt

my flesh and bone erupt with a thousand searing fires

has this not been enough damn it I"m so tired

was up night after night feeling so inspired

I was manic and I loved it no drug ever got me higher

I used to lay in bed and talk to god at ngiht

I couldn't hear him speak but I felt his insight

he said don't let go just hold on tight

cause faith and despair aren't black and white

so I walked through the valley of the shadow of death

I learned so much more but now I understand less

didn't know what to do so I just guessed

I ran away and I'm still out of breath

but I fought and I fought and I never quit

yeah I lost alot but I gained all this

I was in too deep and got shredded to bits

but I picked up the pieces and made em all fit

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