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That's Ok
track: 7 album: My Minds Not Right
i dove right into the unkown

and the abyss stared back at me

but while I was sinking like a stone

I saw an opportunity

it felt like I was all alone

wanted to be who I used to be

but as time passed I was shown

I couldn't trust my memory

I was always wasted

that made me a waste of time

never really stated

most of the thoughts that were on my mind

I clsoed my eyes held my hands over my ears

as my friends said all the things that i didn't want to hear

I got up and ran away but not before they saw my tears

if melting down was a job I'd have a steady career

but being normal never really suited my tastes

was driving down a mountain in a car without brakes

so it was no surprise I crashed and went up in flames

and woke up in a psych ward on christmas day

said "ok mike now it's time you made a change

you had everything you wanted and you pissed it away

you lost alot but found your mind which was a fair trade

a bitch slap from god was a small price to pay"

cause the old me was nothing more than a clown

who didn't do much other than fall down

knew I had to change but didn't know how

and destiny don't mean a damn thing now

and it never really did so remember that

when you're lost I'll be the guy who pulls you back

so pave your own way and walk your own path

but lifes too short so don't live too fast

so you don't need to hide

you can just live your life

so you don't need to lie

we all bury things inside

but let em see the light of day

the sun will make em fade away

so step out of the shade

it's ok to be afraid

I know it's a living hell

but it's not something you made

so just don't become a shell

cause it's too easy to break

when you were under that spell

with it all on display

when you fall as far as you fell

you'll never be the same

and that's ok

they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

but adversity doesn't really build character

it just reveals what's already there

so keep living your life even wehn it's unfair

you can call it faith you can call it prayer

you can take it with you anywhere

we need it when we're hopeless and scared

we need it when we need to lay our souls bare

cause you can cross the line and all it's tangents

try to justify all of your actions

but if you take too many chances

at some point the worst case happens

that's what I heard but didn't believe

i'm only alive because I got so lucky

don't try to hide it cause I'll always see

I lived it I was it you can't fool me

so if I beat it I know you can

I'm here to give you a better chance

I wanna be the guy I wish I had

and help you get your life back on track

cause if the future cannot be changed

we would just call it the past

the future is what we create

I gotta believe in that

see we've all been through

the same things in different ways

it's not death that kills you

no no no it's the wait

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