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Thank You Note
track: 14 album: My Minds Not Right
I lived like I had nine lives

kept puttin my life on the line

controlled by a broken mind

it didn't kill me but it tried

I blame it all on my pride

I ended up being so humbled

I saw it all in black and white

then watched my life as it crumbled

it got so bad I almost died

was crazy and in withdrawl

when I gave God a piece of my mind

he ended up taking it all

I thought I had him in my debt

but that's never how it goes

I screamed all my idle threats

he ignored them I suppose

I didn't get the wishes I begged for

waiting on them made me blind

its not somethings a pill can cure

you've got to beat it from inside

yeah I was in dire straits

didn't let it show on my face

all of those smiles were fake

keeping it in was a mistake

yeah I was a total wreck

so consumed with my regrets

wanted what I couldn't get

but I had my safety net

so I just want to tell you thanks

couldn't have done it without you

yeah I had some real bad breaks

but you all stuck with me and got me through

and yeah it was so damn hard

I know that I've come so far

everyone I knew played their part

all of you know who you are

it's all about the little things

thanks for pointing that out for me

my old wounds no longer sting

finally I'm back up to speed

now I know I'm not on my own

thank god that I didn't fall

if not for those who gave me m hope

I wouldn't be here at all

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