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Seeing Clearly Now
track: 2 album: My Minds Not Right
it took me a while

but now i'm sorting things out

i let go of my denial

so i'm seeing clealry now

and these shadows i've been living under

kept me from seeing the light

they came right one after another

up until it all flashed to white

cause there's a place that I should be

but I don't wanna go there

I don't want any sympathy

just for being worse for the wear

wish I grew up at a steady pace

this isn't just getting older

it's forced and ubrupt change

nothing in my life ever happened in order

cause my heart broke first and then my head

they teamed up and seemed to want me dead

but that was all on me, i made my own bed

and now i have nightmares in it

and with every new bad break

seems i'm always starting back from scratch

it was almost more than I could take

and now I just want my old life back

wanted to go back and be who I was

before the crazy before the drugs

before I lost myself because

life changed me like it always does

so I had to make another go at it

and at first I kept droppin the ball

it was harder than I care to admit

but before I could walk I had to crawl

but if this all didn't destroy me

then nothing can keep me down

I lived through one hell of a story

took me so long to rebound

cause I don't know why I reacted

in the way that I did

but this is how it all happened

and I still can't believe it

a voice said go ahead, step outside

dance on the ledge, it'll be fine

don't you worry, today you don't die

just don't go gently into that good night

and it almost ended, that much I know

felt so protected didn't feel the vertigo

maybe I was defended, maybe god let go

I wanted his attention to go toe to toe

lost optimism, positiivity, most of my dreams

and self esteem, hope, faith, popularity

basically my whole personality

but I doee my time, took my blows

guess I ended up inatact

you think I"d lost all hope

thank god it didn't come to that

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