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Who I Was
track: 12 album: My Minds Not Right
don't you give up on me yet

and I won't give up on myself

there's so much I wanna forget

but I remember it all too well

cause all my courage had died so quickly

and was replaced with all of this shame

I was letting this illness kill me

cause I needed something to blame

I probably should have stopped

dreaming that impossible dream

but whether it came true or not

it gave my life all it's meaning

I let myself get all depressed

i turned my life into a mess

so now I gotta try to make sense

out of all this senselessness

alone with the dark

alone with the light

alone with the spark

that got too bright

I looked for the root

I looked for the core

I looked for the proof

I ain't lookin no more

I lost my head

I lost my mind

lied awake in bed

just wanting to die

went off edge not off the drugs

went off and forgot who I was

I didn't know what to say

just thought what the hell have I done

when I woke up in the hospital on christmas day

in a stragiht jacked cold and drugged up

I slowly stopped feeling so numb

but couldn't forget the things I'd done

wondered who the hell I'd become

and where all this madness came from

cause I was standing in my own way

while the darkness came at me from all sides

and my mania kept coming in waves

so I just sat around and got high

I worked so hard to build myself up

and then walked right into trouble

cause I didn't prepare myself enough

so now I"m just this mound of rubble

and maybe it's that I was too soft

but now my skin's far too thick

I shrugged way too much off

instead of owning up to it

cause when I was running that gauntlet

a part of me knew I'd never be the same

something was wrong but I just thought it

and then it got too big to contain

so give me wisdom give me strength

help me learn from my mistakes

now I know if you just sit around and wait

you lose all the things you can't replace

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