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No Way No How
track: 8 album: My Minds Not Right
we've all got things we've gotta work through

but they can be the hardest things to do

you ask is this what it's come to

do I have to become someone new

said I don't know that's up to you

be honest with yourself and try to improve

look at your life from a new point of view

but you don't got a thing to prove

when I said I'd be ok it was a risky bet

cause I might have been as good as I was ever gonna get

saw the signs didn't think about what they meant

so my big plan was flawed from the very outset

dove into the deep end and I'm still wet

but I can't really say I have any regrets

looked up in teh sky and saw my sillouette

heard "hi I'm god have we met"

he yelled out action but never said cut

said "I"m calling you out on your bluff

you know the truth can feel it in your gut

so open your eyes cause they're closed shut.

I can't take all of your nightmares

and turn em all into good dreams

but lucky for the both of us we're awakea nd in reality.

But I can't make anything better

if you refuse to believe

so write yourself a letter

so you can let out everything.

he story compells it moves the heart

despite the fact it has a slow start

but it brings us together while we were apart

mades us see ourselves for how we truly are

it let us open up and let down our guard

shows us all how we've come so far

how we went from ignorant to smart

but know that's just a start.

I was at the end of my rope

my life was going up in smoke

I clinged to a small shred of hope

but was convinced I was broke

my head said no but my heart said yes

where I had to go was anyone's guess

I could've spoke but didn't have the words yet

all I had were tears and sweat

the voices loved talking smack

I said get off my back

they said we'll beat you into the ground

I said no way no how

I'm running in a fire

while I'm doused in kerosene

cause I'm trying to inspire

and make everyone believe

and yeah i'm pretty tired

as anyone can see

i'm walking the high wire

so look up to me

but back before I was recovered

I was so goddamn stubborn

made one mistake after another

was an awful older brother

my siblings did everything right

while I was always the black sheep

all I did was get high all night

thank god they didn't follow my lead

so sister I really wish I knew

everything I was puttin you through

I swear that if I had to choose

I'd go through it all again if it would help you

because you kept it all inside

while i took up our parents time

but you didn't fall through the cracks

and I thank god every day for that

and brother just know you really helped

made me feel like my old self

unlike everybody else

who were so concerend about my mental health

but no one but you saw me as me

everyone just saw insanity

don't know why but you two believed

and it made us a closer family

made me the brother I wanted to be

cause when I needed it most you came through

so I while I write these songs for me

this verse has been for you two

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