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track: 10 album: My Minds Not Right
if nothing I do matters

then all that matters is what I do

all my plans gots got shattered

cause I couldn't accept the truth

I've been broke and battered

and that was ntohing new

I just couldn't see what mattered

even though I had a view

for so much that i've done

and so much I've failed to do

thought I had myself figured out

but didn't have a clue

I had no idea what I would have to go through

I didn't see it coming it came right out of the blue

cause honestly I would go through hell and more every time

nothing could hurt worse than that god forsaken mind

i'm jealous of the people who still feel enough to cry

I would trade lives with anyone but could never give them mine

there's nothing left I can resent

I've paid my dues and now I'm spent

and it left me with all this regret

but my future hasn't been set in stone yet

and I know exactly what I need to resist

I know there's things that I can't fix

and I know everything I can't let myself forget

I know I can't give up on life and quit

because I've been one whose turned a deaf ear

and I've been one whose done all the talking

I only heard what I wanted to hear

I ran away from all my problems and no one could stop me

if only I"d applied myself a little bit more

if only I could travefl through time

if only I knew what living's really for

if only I could be fater than light

and I'll be the first to say that I've been disturbed

and I'll be the first to say that I've made wrong turns

I've been ignored kicked to the curb

I've let drugs and drink make life a blur

tossed and turned every night

had too much on my mind

i asked how much is this life worth

and now I know everything has a price

cause my sanity wasn't given

it was earned

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