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What's Real
track: 3 album: My Minds Not Right
when I got up and tried to test my limits

didn't know I'd end up testing my faith

this illness taught me how to be this resiliant

and now I've got my head on striaght

Was all going grwat before it got bad

i couldn't cry even though I was so sad

a goal is just a wish if you don't have plan

I was distancing myself from the dreams I had

I felt my mouth warm as it filled with blood

I guess it's what I get for biting my tongue

shoulda opened up and talked to my loved ones

waited too long, the damage had already been done

was so desperate to stop feeling so bad

that I was always looking to find a short cut

but while I spent all my time doing that

my window of opportunity got closed shut

and I kept trying to see thorugh it all

think about it it's so strange to just be alive

didn't die but I had a few close calls

somehow I managed to survive

I said I think I'm mad

they say why are you angry

I say no it's not like that

it's that my mind seems to hate me

it may seem like I'm sad

but that's not how I feel

its my minds gone all bad

and now I don't know what's real

what's real

I'm well aware of what I see

these delusions are not real

all those ghosts are dead to me

I've got nothin left for them to steal

and it's no secret how it got like this

those pills were the catalyst

didn't know the pain they'd inflict

was an addict but didn't notcie it

so yeah it's true that I got burned

but it happened on my own terms

it brought me back down to earth

it coulda been so much worse

i got just what I deserved

I'm to blame for getting injured

but each wound of mine caused another

for my siblings dad and mother

who pleaded with me to slow down

but back then I didn't know how

wanted to get out of that house

and drive myself right out of town

said things I wish I could take back

when my brain started to crack

it stopped me dead in my tracks

I chose delusions over facts

and I know something in me snapped

was a mental heart attack

I just learned to adapt

learned to see the things I lacked

learned how drop my tired act

learned to think before I react

learned how to keep this mind intact

learned how to make a real impact

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