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track: 4 album: My Minds Not Right
see sometimes it's only madness

that makes us what we are

I know your pain yeah shit happens

ini some way we've all been scarred

you can believe in those close to you

but you gotta believe in yourself first

there's only so much others can do

it's up to you to do the hard work

what you really need is hope

what you really need is faith

what you really needs to cope

and don't let your days slip away

hope is not something you take

hope is something that you share

hope is something you can make

cause you can find it anywhere

faith is taking that first step

even if nobody else cares

so when you start feeling depressed

you gotta answer your own prayers

cause you could either lay in bed

hate your life wish you were dead

think there's nothing good up ahead

or you could move forward instead

cause the harder that you work

the harder it is to surrender

but no matter how much it hurts

you can still piece yourself back together

I've been beating my own drum

which is easier said than done

wanted to pick up and run

get away from everyone

and I know all about dpression

livin in isolation

with my wild imagination

pushin me way tooo far

so when I'm 'gone I hope

I"ll have made my makr on someone

somwhere some somehow how

don't dig yourself into a hole

and let exhaustion take it's toll

don't give up on your dreams and goals

accept there's things you can't control

things won't always go your way

so deal and swallow your pride

don't dwell on all your mistakes

learn to take things in stride

see we're not defined by our success

it's about what we do when we fall short

we pick ourselves up and do our best

to become better than who we were before

so work don't give in or stop

even if it's so damn unfair

just make do with what you got

and show others how much you care

cause when one door closes another one opens

it's the hallway that can be hell

everyone might think you're broken

but the best revenge is living well

i had depressing days and sleepless nights

wouldn't get out of bed or even try

thought it was so bad till i realized

that today will be the worst day of someone's life

I've always been a little bit insecre

thought I was well liked but I wasn't quiet sure

so I tried so hard to be somebody else

shoulda been reaching out for help

acting all happy was such a chore

every smile I made was just a mask I wore

but i think I understand what this has all been for

now I can help others I don't hurt no more

so I'm begging you to learn from my mistakes

I don't want to see you make em all yourself

don't hide it when you think you're about to break

I was all kinds of broke and no one could tell

it's one of those choices that hat divides

the men from the boys and always defines

those who have a strong a will and the presence of mind

to take control and own their lives

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