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I didn't think to create this page at first. Two days before writing this, I was at the support group and there was a quiet lady who wasn't ready to talk much, but she asked a question that seemed so obvious yet I'd never considered it. The question she asked was along the lines of, "How do you know if you have [a kind of Mental Illness]" Everyone seemed to have their own answer, which was why I felt that this page could be helpful--for those who are unsure if they have a Mental Illness and for those who suspect someone they are close to may have a Mental Illness.

Me? Well, what I told her was that the unfortunate truth about discovering if you or someone close to you has a mental illness is that you might not know until something goes seriously wrong, and it takes the decision to seek treatment out of the person's hands. That's how my family and myself found out I had a Mental Illness.


When mikew Knew: 8/21/10
This is when I knew. When I knew it.





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